Okay that hurt!

Good day my friends! Currently I am sitting in the library for two reasons.

1. I focus much better in the library


2. Its raining and I still have yet to carry an umbrella with me at all times.

So it has been about a week since we have had a little chat and like always.. a lot has happened!


Alright I believe we ended our little talk with me starting school and slowly getting over my sickness that I acquired through dirty subway rails and my lack of discipline when it comes to putting on hand sanitizer. Last Saturday I had two main items on the agenda for the day. ( of course they had nothing to do with school ) One of them was to get groceries for the week and the other was to get my nails done.  So, I wake up and head over to the nearest nail salon because I honestly had no idea where to go or how much it was going to cost. So here I am, just casually strolling the street tying to scope out the cleanest looking salon. I come across one that looked cute and clean so Im thinking to myself “alright, this looks pretty good! lets try it!”  At the time I had on acrylic nails that were pushing three weeks so they looked… rough. The game plan was; take off the nails, regular manicure with gel polish.

So I sit down at the bar and I tell her that I wanted to take the acrylics off and you will never guessed what happened.


yes.. she literally pulled out a metro card and starts prying the acrylics off my nails. Now in my head Im screaming in pain, but in reality Im just sitting there having a conversation with her.

I mean, in the end my nails looked really good and she did a great job, BUT, I have never had someone rip my nails off the way she did.

So after that was over,  I made a stop in Whole Foods to get some groceries for the rest of the week. I always feel so vulnerable when I go into stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joes, because I find myself committing to all these healthy food items that deep down inside.. I know I will never eat.

So nails and groceries.. checked off the list.

I ended my night seeing the movie “IT” with a handful of friends at the movie theater in Times Square.

*If you’re looking for a second opinion on whether to go see it or not.. I say YES! I love scary movies and I typically find myself not scared while watching them but I can rightfully say that I have never once screamed in a movie theater until now. I say go for it! Face those clown fears*

The second half of my weekend included Church, Broadway Dance Center and Homework. So I guess you could say I had a pretty good weekend.

The following week was a pretty chill. Same old, same old routine.

School, Dorm life, meal plans and lack of sleep.

Come Thursday… I decided to be “rebellious”, you could say.

That Thursday morning I had an 8:30 AM class and then we had this event called Apple Fest, which is basically like a club fair, but we got to close down 71st street and eat food, play games.. all the fun stuff. I signed up for a few different clubs such as Marymount Christian Fellowship, Marymount Muscle and Student Government. I figured clubs are the best way to meet people and get involved in the community.

P.S. Marymount muscle is a volunteer club. Not lifting weights or getting “gainz” 🙂

So after Apple Fest, I get back to the dorms and my roommate and I decided to go shopping. Us being girls, we went to girly stores and I sadly must admit I fell into the trap of splurging on something that I didn’t need. Perfume.

BUT.. it smelt so good and I forgot mine at home so it was basically an essential! Am I right ladies?

Anyways.. so after we went shopping and grabbed some dinner we went back home and we had a little chat.

“what if we go get piercings and tattoos?”

Now if you know me, you know I am all for spontaneous decisions!

So we start talking and I’m all for it. The next thing you know, here we are at 9 o’clock at night, in the subway, on our way to a tattoo shop FREAKING out.  Kyra has never gotten a tattoo and I was planning on getting my nose pierced so we both were literally shaking.

We get to Hells Kitchen and we find this tattoo shop and we walk in and immediately both of us want to run out. There were two men sitting there watching a war movie on possibly the loudest volume and I felt like it was 90 degrees in there. I introduce myself and tell them what we want and expected a little small talk or some reassurance but that is actually the opposite of what I got!

That was it. No questions. No kidding around. No Nothing.

So I only had my card on me and I needed to withdraw some cash from an ATM and lucky me.. they had an ATM machine in the shop.

Well I was so nervous that I wasn’t thinking and my card kept on declining, only for me to realize that I was entering my Oklahoma Zip Code instead of my pin number.

GREAT! So now.. these two intimidating men, watching this scary movie, probably think I am so dumb because I was entering my Zip code.

So I sit down and I seriously have not even had time to process what is going on and I asked the guy one question which was:

” Do you normally pierce a lot of teenage girls’ nose?”

And his responses were the last words I heard before he stabbed this long, scary looking needle in my nose. Can you guess what they were?…


The stranger pierced my nose and I remembered a smile creeped on his face as he said    ” its okay.. everyone cries”

So yeah. Kyra got her tattoo and I got my piercing and I think we just officially became college students.

Well then Friday morning I wake up and here we go AGAIN!

My right eye is nearly swollen shut, watering and blood shot when I can open it. I decided to take out my contact, but only one because I accidentally left the rest at home and I needed at least one to see. So all day Friday, I was miserable.

I have an eye infection, my nose still hurts from the piercing and the light outside is causing me to have a migraine. Basically Friday, I spent my whole day napping and watching Netflix. I managed to watch 3 episodes of PLL, Camp Rock 1 and 2, Lemonade Mouth and you already know Michael and I had to watch One Tree Hill.

Therefor, if I ever have to make a list of accomplishments from college, September 15, 2017 will be on that list as the day I watched more Netflix than I ever have in my entire life.

So here we are.. another day. Another coffee. Another walk Im avoiding due to the fact that Im irresponsible and luckily the eye infection is gone.

I will say that since I have wrote you guys, things have gotten better. This place is starting to feel more like home, I can feel God working in my life and my relationships with my friends, Michael and family have never been better. I truly feel thankful for everyones’ support and for all the encouragement you guys provide.

I am leaving to go home on Thursday and I am SOOO excited. We are planning on going to the fair, I desperately need a pedicure and my family and I might go out to dinner for my birthday. So Im ready to see my friends, family and of course… Ozzie.

Well Im about to encounter this rainy, long walk so as you are reading this in your comfy bed or couch, just know that I walked 18 blocks in the pouring down rain and pray for me that I will start remembering my umbrella!


Songs of September: Overwhelming// Jon Bellion

Forever Reign// Hillsong Worship

Violet// Bad Suns

Ophelia// The Lumineers


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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
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Processed with VSCO with m5 prese



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