And she’s off again….

Long time no talk my friends!

That would be my fault completely because I have been so caught up in catching my town car, attending penthouse parties and of course my daily 5th avenue shopping sprees.

If you couldn’t guess already, I now have a new home and it is the one and only New York City! Super exciting! Except… when I said I was busy because I was shopping, I actually meant at Duane Reades debating between the three pack of ramen noodles or the six pack. I have actually not been riding in a town car either, because Im too busy trying to figure this whole subway situation out because I can’t even afford a taxi, except when I want to “treat myself”, and honestly, I have yet to even step foot in a building that might have a penthouse.

So yes, you guessed it.


I must admit… it is a lot harder than people say. Not necessarily the school work (give me about 3 weeks and I will probably be taking back that statement) but everything else! From the move in process, making friends to trying to budget your dining dollars. Since it has been a while since I have talked to you guys I think we should do a little catching up.

So lets rewind back to… end of July.

End of July, studio apartment, Los Angeles, dancing, living, missing home, talking to strangers is where we left off at.

So my family actually drove all the way from Oklahoma to come and get me. On the way there they stopped by the Grand Canyon, Vegas and some dinosaur museum, which I’m sure was Kendalls idea. Finally after two months of not seeing them, we were all reunited and it only took maybe 2 hours for Kendall and I to start insulting each other again because ya know… sibling love. After packing all my stuff up and saying goodbye to La La Land, we made the long 19 hour drive home. Leaving LA around 11 o’clock in the morning and getting to Oklahoma around 9 o’clock the NEXT morning, my first mission was to see Elly. Of course we went and got coffee and spend about 4 hours in this cute coffee shop talking about every memory we have ever made. That night I also saw Michael and you already know we had to take a late night trip to insomnia cookies since that was our first date and all.  So I was home for about 3 weeks, and every day was something different. My motto for those 3 weeks “live it up!” Cliche.. I know.

So in those three weeks, I managed to go on a hike, go to six flags, attend a baseball game, watch my brother take his engagement photos and even hit up probably every dessert place in the state of Oklahoma.

But sadly, I knew that I was counting down the days till I had to leave and let me tell you.. it was weird. If any of you have ever moved across the country before you would probably agree with me that those last few days before you leave are the saddest but most anxious days of your life.

So Come August 23, I had to say a really sad goodbye to Michael, Ozzie and the smell of Oklahoma air and managed to pack my entire life into three suitcases and made my way to New York City. Dad, Kendall and Daylee all came with which was nice because with Daylee there, it kept everyone sane. ( except when Kendall and Daylee argued… brother/sister love) We spent the first few days visiting museums, shopping, and walking around Wall Street. Then Saturday hit and I was officially moving in.

Now let me tell you… MOVING IN ISNT FUN!

Not because Im sad to be moving away from home, but because it is absolutely crazy. Think about It. Its New York. My dorm room is on the 18th floor of a 32 floor building with only two elevators and we don’t have a car. I won’t go into too much detail, but story short, we managed to end up in Harlem at the most hectic, busiest Target store and then found ourselves in the biggest Bed, Bath and Beyond I had ever been in. Again, let me remind yall… No car.

So finally, all moved in and freshman orientation started the following Monday. I must admit, it felt weird going from a senior in high school back to being on the bottom of the totem pole as a little freshman again.

So the whole week was all freshman stuff, where we took classes regarding safety and multiple informational meetings and then the rest of the time the school offered different excursions to all over New York. I went to Chelsea Market, the High Line and made care packages for the homeless and handed them out at Penn Station.

During that week of orientation, my family left Tuesday morning and that was another sad goodbye and the minute they left, things sunk in and became real.

I really just moved AGAIN, but this time to New York City and I am completely by myself

So getting to know my roommates and meeting a ton of people from all over the world was a pretty exciting part until I had to tell them I’m from Oklahoma… but hey no shame! #boomersooner

Getting all my school supplies, ready to take on the year and then…Bam. It hit me. Not just snuck up on me but literally hit me like a brick wall.


Not just any sinus infection… like the worst. Migraine, ear aches, tooth aches, coughing, sneezing, can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t taste, can’t smell, the wholllleeee package.

So here I am, the first day of college, looking like a hot mess in my 8:30 am class, coughing every 30 seconds, introducing myself as the girl with the squishy nose. perfect start Cheyenne.

So between then and now, I have managed to get lost on the subway twice, attend the most intense church service at Hillsong Manhattan and drink at least 20 cups of coffee.  I Already have hours worth of homework and have drank 3 bottles of cold medicine because I can’t swallow pills! ( fun fact about me ). Michael and I have watched an entire season of One Tree Hill together over FaceTime and I think I have rediscovered a new love for chocolate milk.

Although I do not know what will happen for me next year, or even next semester, I can rightfully say that 2017 has been one for the books. I miss my family more than anything and I am coming home September 21st, which I’m stoked for.

When I go home, I’m planing on bringing an empty suitcase and taking back all my sweaters and some rain boots because did I mention that I have also walked 16 blocks in the rain with no umbrella or boots.. twice.

So I guess this could be my first piece of advice for anyone who’s planning on moving away for school.

Try it out, but don’t feel bad if you want to go home.

I think that is what I have had to tell myself and learn already. This time is different than LA because its school. Its a dorm. Its a much longer period. And yes, I am admitting that I miss home! SOO much!

Heck, I thought I missed home while I was out in California, but that doesn’t even compare to how much I miss it now! So yes, I have accepted that I miss Oklahoma and my friends and family there and no matter where I end up in life, the 405 will always have my heart. So if you want to go out of state for school, try it out! Its hard, but you might fall in love. BUT…You might not.

But you never know until you try.

I must admit though, I have done a terrible job at being religious with my blog, so I must improve! Warning though, if I’m writing during finals week, expect a very emotional, stressful blog of a total of 100 words because I can already tell finals week will be one for the books.



Songs of August: Edge of Desire// John Mayer

Kiss me Slowly// Parachute

Novacane// Frank Ocean

Slumber// Lewis Watson





One thought on “And she’s off again….

  1. Wow you are such a wonderful story teller! This sounds like such an exciting stage in your life – well done with dealing with the hectic nature of it so well. I look forward to hearing more updates! ❤


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