That one night that every high school girl looks forward to around the second day of school. Boys may not understand the amount of work that goes into a girls prom night but I know that us ladies stick together and understand the “behind the scenes” madness. You know, the dress, the makeup, hair, tan, nails, shoes, should I bring a clutch? Are eyelashes extensions worth it for prom? Earrings or a choker? Or both? Again, we all have been there and we all know the stress when having to answer these major, life changing questions. I was lucky enough to have an amazing Senior Prom that was filled with 60 degree weather, seafood and baseball jerseys after.

I woke up Prom morning smelling like every other girl out there on the 22nd of April. Two words.

Spray Tan.

Once I got up and showered I headed to the kitchen only to come to the sad realization that its prom day! I can eat French toast or cinnamon rolls. I managed to make due with a cup of coffee with coconut milk and Splenda (my favorite) and a banana. Once I was done eating, my three bestfriends showed up…ten minutes late of course but I gotta love them. We finally piled into my car and made our way to Mustang to get our hair and makeup done.

We happened to make a pit stop at hobby lobby before we went but we managed to show up on time and our hair was in rollers in no time. Alex went with a low bun that had some sort of twist in it and a gold and brown smokey eye with a red lip which made for an elegant look that went prefect with her red dress. Taylor rocked my absolute favorite look with a high pony and a metallic lid which matched her gun metal dress. Maria looked like she was ready for the red carpet.. or Pinterest honestly, with her hair starting in a Dutch braid and eventually leading to a fishtail braid, a classic black/silver smokey eye and her two piece, stoned dress with cut outs. I decided to go with a messy low bun with a floral hair piece ( peep the hobby lobby errand ) and a brown smokey eye to go with my Navy Blue stoned dress.

My date, Trevor,  was actually supposed to pick me up at 5 but he called me around 5:15 freaking out because there was no jacket with his tux and we had to be at the bus in 10 minutes. So Trevor and I had to do some breathing exercises over the phone to get him to calm down a bit.

We finally made it to the bus, with a jacket, and we weren’t the last ones. So I would say we did pretty good! We met our parents downtown to take pictures, which happens to be my favorite part. No surprise in that though. With the weather being windy and cold, our group of 45 people nearly chased the sun the entire time, and we only lasted maybe 40 minutes. We ate dinner at Jazmo’z Burbon Street Café downtown, where I had Tilapia and jasmine rice. I even snuck a sweet tea in there because I figured I deserved  it.  Once we got done eating we had to wait outside for our bus to come pick us up and if you could imagine how cold we were with it being 60 degrees and no sun.  After nearly running on the bus we were on our way back to Moore for PROM.

At my high schoool we don’t announce prom King and Queen, but instead we announce Mr. and Mrs. Southmoore which is ultimately the same thing as King and Queen.  Waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Southmoore to be announced, I saw so many of my friends all dressed up and looking good. I mean they looked GOOD. Finally they announced the winners and my great friend won Mr.Southmoore and I couldn’t be more proud! After holding a snake, dancing and drinking maybe 3 glasses on water we decided to leave prom and change into our Jerseys.

Finishing the night by going back on the bus, dancing and having fun, I actually didn’t go to bed until 5.

Yes. 5 in the morning.

I had an amazing Senior Prom and I really don’t think it could’ve gone any better. Well… okay some heat would’ve been nice, but I really can not complain. Bittersweet that after 3 proms its finally over and I wont get the opportunity to stress about little things such as nails and makeup again.

Who am I kidding? Those are my daily stresses.




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